Fortify Your Life

“We have to take charge of our own health and try to find skilled and compassionate practitioners along the way who are open to taking the journey with us. I wrote this book to help you navigate the complete and often confusing landscape of nutritional supplements. “

Tieraona Low Dog, M.D.

Fortify Your Life: A Trusted Guide Through the Supplements Aisle

These days, even if you’re eating organic, choosing local, and doubling up on fruits and vegetables, you’re probably still not getting the nutrients you need. We live high-stress lives, prescription drugs deplete our reserves, processed foods are convenient but not that nutritious. Meanwhile, new products promise better sex, sharper minds, and effortless weight loss.  How do you seperate the hype from the truly healthful?

In Fortify Your Life, integrative health physician, Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. demystifies key vitamins, minerals, and supplements.  She shows how to design a personalized supplement plan based on genetics, age, gender, and lifestyle and gives simple guidelines on how to read labels and judge brands. She charts common prescription drugs, the depletions they cause, and the supplements that counteract them.

Whether you take an array of supplements, a daily multivitamin, or nothing at all, Fortify Your Life will educate and inspire you to take charge of your health by discovering the right combination of nutritional supplements to improve your mood, strength, energy, and well-being.


Chapter 1 Life Fortified
Chapter 2 Inside the Bottle and Behind the Label
Chapter 3 Vitamins
Chapter 4 Minerals
Chapter 5 Nutraceuticals
Chapter 6 Supplements for Common Ailments
Chapter 7 Making Sense of Health Information
Appendix: Your Food Journal
Your Personalized Supplement Chart
Laboratory Tests
Drug-Nutrient Depletions and Interactions