Web Design and Development

LoudNoises is responsible for the branding, responsive design and development of this website. For the site, we made use of WordPress as a CMS, and developed a theme based on _s, and a bit of Materialize. These solutions were the perfect fit for this project for the following reasons:

  • WordPress is a great CMS for developing highly sophisticated custom websites with lots of content. Dr. Low Dog will be leveraging the website to broaden her audience and grow her business, we wanted to make sure she had the most robust solution on the market.
  • _s is a starter theme developed by Automattic (the people behind WordPress), leveraging minimal CSS, and as their advertising says, the theme really is a 1,000-hour head start
  • Materialize is a CSS framework that also can really cut down on development time.

If you would like to speak with the folks at LoudNoises about your website, feel free to reach out!

A Big Thanks

We’d like to say a big thanks to Dr. Low Dog and her entire team of professionals. This new website represents a big step forward for Dr. Low Dog’s online presence, and making it all happen in a timely manner wouldn’t have been possible without the excellent coordination efforts on behalf of her project management, marketing, and executive staff. Their hard work and responsiveness made the project a breeze. We at LoudNoises wish them the best with their new website, and can’t wait to see the way Team TLD uses the site to grow their business for years to come.